The Integrative Psychotherapy Scale for Assessment of Therapists Activity

Gregor Žvelc


The article describes a new assessment instrument for measuring the activities of an integrative psychotherapist. The first part of the instrument is concerned with establishing and maintaining a therapeutic alliance, and includes the competencies of forming an effective empathic bond, contracting and dealing with ruptures in the alliance. The second part focuses on the methods of integrative psychotherapy, and includes competencies of effective Inquiry, Attunement, Involvement and the use of therapeutic interventions. The scale also includes scales which inform about the philosophy of the therapist and his dealing with transference / countertransference. The scale is currently in the preliminary phase of development and further research is needed to examine the usefulness, validity and reliability of the scale. 


integrative psychotherapy; integrative psychotherapy scale; psychotherapy research; therapeutic alliance, attunement; psychotherapy

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