Integrating Interventions in Therapy for Psychosis Based on Psychological Readiness

Pamela R. Fuller


There is burgeoning evidence for effective psychological and psychosocial approaches to the treatment of psychosis. Further enhancing treatment efficacy requires better matching of clinical interventions from different theoretical models to the individual based on their current psychological status. In keeping with the objectives of integrative psychotherapy pertaining to psychological theories, this article describes the surviving, existing, or living (SEL) model as a conceptual framework for integrating different theories by timing interventions in psychosis based on the individual’s clinical presentation and psychological readiness. Contemporary approaches to psychosis, including cognitive-behavioral and metacognitive theories, recovery models, phenomenological approaches, and psychodynamic models are incorporated. Use of the model for addressing trauma issues in psychosis is also discussed.


Psychosis; psychotherapy for psychosis; schizophrenia; SEL model

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