Developmentally Based, Relationally Focused Integrative Psychotherapy: Eight Essential Points

Richard G. Erskine


This closing keynote address was delivered at the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association’s 9th Biennial Conference, 19-23 March 2019 in Montpellier, France. It describes the history and eight essential points of a developmentally based, relationally focused integrative psychotherapy. Therapeutic presence is the concept that unites each of the essential points, which include: the centrality of relationship, awareness of phases of child development, current enactment of the past, attending to the person’s body and unconscious relational patterns, the use of child therapy methods with adults, the understanding provided by the theories of ego states, and facilitating change only after the individual has an understanding of the function of his or her behavior.


Integrative psychotherapy; relational psychotherapy; relationship; presence; child development; enactments; unconscious patterns; ego states; paradoxical theory of change; history of integrative psychotherapy

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