Yoga plus talk therapy for depression: a 6-week group series case study

Kelli Foulkrod, Sarah Griesemer, Kelly N. Banneyer, Jacqueline M. Caemmerer


Yoga is becoming a popular method of addressing mental health symptoms.  While there is research to support the use of yoga for depression, there is limited literature examining yoga in combination with talk therapy groups as a treatment for depression.  The results of this case study series (n=4) provide support for the clinical efficacy of yoga in combination with talk therapy. Treatment consisted of 6 weeks of group sessions (90-min sessions each week) with weekly home practice.  Each group consisted of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and emotional processing.  Decreases in depressive symptoms and increases in self-compassion were noted. The exploration of this case study is timely, because growing numbers of clients are presenting with depression and seeking alternative treatments.


yoga; depression; alternative healthcare, meditation

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